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Bangladesh Briefings 2021: Bangladesh export receipts slump to five-year low in 2020

05 Jan 2021

According to data from the country’s Export Promotion Bureau, Bangladesh’s exports slumped 14.6% YoY to USD 33.6 billion in 2020, hitting a five year low. December 2020 exports slumped 6.1% YoY to USD 3.3 billion, making Bangladesh the only country in South Asia to see exports decline during the month.

Garment exports – Bangladesh’s biggest export earner – dropped 17% YoY to USD 27.5 billion, while export receipts of leather and leather products – the second biggest  export earner – declined 20% YoY to USD 768 million in 2020. Exports of jute and jute goods soared 13.6% to USD 1 billion, pharmaceutical exports rose 10.8%to  USD 148.40 million and home textile exports rose 15.2% to USD 936 million. Agriculture product exports declined 5.7% to USD 863 million and frozen and live fish exports dropped about 6.5% to USD 445 million.