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Central Banks Turn Gold Net Sellers In August

Last updated on October 23rd, 2020 at 01:12 am

17 Oct 2020

In August, central banks switched from net buyers to net sellers for the first time in around a year and a half according to figures from the World Gold Council. Global central banks sold a net 12.3 tonnes (t) in August largely due to sales from Uzbekistan which reduced its gold reserves by almost 32 tonnes, outweighing the purchases by regular buyers Kyrgyz Republic (5 tonnes), India (4 tonnes), Turkey (3.9 tonnes), UAE (2.4 tonnes), Qatar (1.6 tonnes), Mongolia (1.3 tonnes), and Kazakhstan (1.3 tonnes). Uzbekistan’s sales brought its gold reserves to slightly less than 300 tonnes (54% of total reserves).

Line chart showing world official gold reserves