China B2C E-Commerce Ecosystem report by LD Investments cover page

China E-Commerce Ecosystem: Trends, competitors, and sectors to watch

The China E-Commerce Ecosystem: Trends, competitors, and sectors to watch publication by LD Investments attempts to offer an overview of the opportunities, recent trends, and current state of China's e-commerce ecosystem with data and figures. With the country's blossoming e-commerce market offering ample growth potential in the years ahead, there are tremendous opportunities within the entire ecosystem in sectors such as logistics, and payments.

All statistics in the publication are from government agencies, other public bodies, and private institutions, corporations and associations. In cases where there is a lack of statistical figures (such as in under-covered geographies, and niche sub-sectors within the e-commerce industry) the publication relies on studies from various associations and surveys which may be based on different methodologies, but nevertheless present a broadly consistent picture.

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